1win Terms and conditions

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1win is an excellent sports betting website that’s growing rapidly in India and looks to be expanding its customer base there. 1win was established in 2016 and holds a license from the Curacao Gaming Authority. 

Using the 1win service 

Users of the 1win bookmaker must be at least 18 years old and will be required to provide the following information in order to complete registration and have access to the Service: 

  • Personal information,  
  • contact information,  
  • A valid ID,  
  • Current address information. 

Each user is accountable for maintaining the accuracy of their registration and signup information. If a user ignores the privacy regulation. 1win maintains the right to refuse service, terminate an account, or suspend it at any moment and without giving a reason. 

Terms of betting 

A bet can be made up of more than one authorised bet. Any wager that does not match these guidelines will be cancelled by 1win, and fines may be applied to the offending player when an investigation has been completed. 

Participants acknowledge that they may only gamble on their own behalf. It is not permitted to use a third party’s account to place a wager. It is not permitted to place a wager in any other capacity, such as on behalf of a minor or someone who is not authorised to do so. 

Types of bets 

Single wager: A single wager is a special selection among the several wagering options available for a sporting event. For you to win, your choice must succeed. If the wager is successful, the player will get the amount staked plus the odds assigned to this outcome. 

Accumulator bets: An accumulator or combination bet involves putting a wager on numerous basic bet selections, and the chances for these bets are multiplied together to create new total odds. The player receives the amount bet doubled by the total odds if each option wins. The accumulator wager is deemed to be a loss if one of the choices is a loss. 

System wagers: In a system wager, a player can put many accumulator wagers at once. This is the accumulator bet in a more extensive form. 

Placing bets 

There are two ways that a bet might be verified when it is made. Instantly, on the website, on the betting coupon, or in the “My Bets” section of the website. Here are some important information about betting: 

Odds: The player’s odds might vary from the time they choose a wager and the time they choose to confirm their bet. The odds are subject to change at any time. If the chances improve, the player will be presented with a new value that they can choose to accept or reject. If the odds change, the wager will be accepted immediately at the new odds. 

Modification of a bet- The player is not permitted to make any changes to or cancel a bet that has already been registered. 

Play limits: 1win has the right to set a maximum bet and coefficient limit for a specific event as well as a maximum bet and coefficient limit for a specific client without prior notice or explanation. 

Play responsibly. Each player establishes their own maximum wagering and supply limits for their accounts. No wager that exceeds these restrictions may be accepted. 

All sports activities would be regarded as postponed and cancelled only if official documentation of organisations conducting the sports events, official sites of sporting federations, sites of sports clubs, and other sources of sports information are available. Based on those facts, the sports events shall be adjusted.